Swedish Body Massage

It is one of the popular relaxing technique practice all over the world. Many spa promotes Swedish Body massage as it is suitable for everyone, for all ages. By learning this technique, you can perform at any spa, salon or even at your home.

On this course, you will:
  • You will learn head-to-toe treatments in a lively and engaging class.
  • Practice massage everyday with students from a diverse backgrounds.
  • The course is 20% Theoretical. And you must attend 90% in Human Anatomy & Physiology Module

Course fee:

Rs 32,000/- (US$ 320).

Course Duration:

60 hours (10 days)

This course is awarded as a Certificate in Swedish Massage Technique by AIPA.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

One of the must-have service in the Spa Menu that is adopted by every spas' in the world. In few countries (like Nepal), stones are used as a form of purity for worshipping.
For example basalt stones (or volcanic rock or Shaligram), which can be found in river banks or seashores. In the same way, these stones have a therapeutic value.
When heated, stones absorb the necessary heat and when applied on to the body, these stones send deep warmth around the muscles.
Hot Stone therapy is considered as the best therapy to treat stiff muscles that causes pain around it.

On this course, you will:
  • learn massage application using basalt hot stones.
  • learn massage application using basalt hot stones.
  • The course is 20% Theoretical. And you must attend 90% in Human Anatomy & Physiology Module

Course fee:

Rs 38,000/- (US$ 380).

Course Duration:

70 hours (12 days)

This course is awarded as a Certificate in HotStone Massage Therapy by AIPA.


Learn from our highly qualified and experiences trainer who are dedicated to support you throughout your learning journey. Expect family-like environment. Small class but maximum trainer-student interaction; helping you to achieve the results you desire.

Admission dates 2019

  • start
  • start: Sunday August 11, 2019
    end: Module Swedish Body Massage
    status: seats left 4
    course: Rs. 32000
  • start: Sunday September 15, 2019
    course: Module Hot Stone Therapy
    status: seats left 3
    price: Rs. 32000

The course is open for anyone with a minimum education of 10th grade or below. If you are a Spa Attendant or a guest relation officer or a Spa receptionist, you can apply too. You will learn various spa and massage skills to become a qualified person to enter the spa industry, even you are a beginner.

All our course modules are taught in both English and Nepalese, depending upon the level of candidate's language understanding.
The course is 20% Theoretical. And candidates must attend 90% in Human Anatomy & Physiology Module. Note-taking is mandatory as hands-out are provided at the end of the modules.

The course is 80% practical. 90% attendance is mandatory in all practical classes. Also students will be asked to volunteer as a model to be practiced upon. Then you shall feel the massage pressure, and strokes techniques.

The application fee is 10% of the total fees to reserve the seat and is non-refundable. For the fast track Diploma, the applicants need to pay 80% upfront, before the course commencement and 10% after completing the last module.

If students fail in exams; Rs. 450 is imposed as a penalty in order to re-sit in the next exam. In case of certificate loss or re-print, Rs. 1500 is imposed to obtain a new certificate.

Please note: Teachers work hard to meet deadlines to complete the course. Students are advised to pay course fees accordingly to avoid, class delays or module suspension or certificate distribution.

To enroll in the course, applicants need to deposit initial fees in our designated bank. You can request our bank details at academy@aipa.edu.np with a subject "Payment Request". Once we receive your admission fees, we will send you a copy of cash receipt confirmation via email.

Admission Invoices are payable immediately upon issue.. Unpaid invoices or fees may subject to disqualify application or class modules.

AIPA does not refund any fees made in advance for the course applied.

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