Heritage Spa

We are one of the most recommended day spa in the city for Ayurvedic Body Massage, Bio-Fruit Facial, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Thai massage.

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Heritage Spa is run by CIDESCO certified Aesthetician, and we practice spa ethics & standards.

Our slogan is invitational, and we think it is a perfect time to express here.

“an invitation to relaxation”

While you take a break from your regular job, we prepare to take care of your stress. Expect well-trained therapist to take care of your stiff muscles, pain, or work stress. We practice highest standard of correct massage techniques. As a result your body energies are balanced and restored. We invite you to relax for a while at heritage spa.
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Heritage spa is located in a very serene, peaceful place and is filled with greenery. We have enough space for parking as well. Our front garden is inviting which urges you to rest for a while and you enjoy a cup of basil tea provided before or after spa service. Our garden is all yours for a while.

Massage Techniques

Heritage Spa is run by a CIDESCO certified Aesthetician and the entire therapists are skillful. Expect excellent quality of service. Read reviews here.


Our relaxation rooms are cozy, earthy, and peaceful. If you are a couple, or husband and wife or beloved sisters, our rooms will suit your personality.

About Miss Reena.

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Reena Shrestha is the woman behind the Heritage Spa. She thoughtfully decided to come back from Singapore after graduating with CIDESCO degree in Singapore, back in 2009. She had researched for a year on wide aspects of Spa in this country. She’s accounted for bringing positive awareness on Massage Techniques in the city, educating many prospects and stakeholders at different occasions.