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We are one of the most recommended day spa in the city for Ayurvedic Body Massage, Bio-Fruit Facial, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Thai massage.

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Heritage Spa Services for relaxing day with a friend or significant other. (Price included)

Welcome to the home of corrective massage techniques.
Expect professional therapist performing 60-90 mins deep kneading and smooth pressuring to release tension and stress, out of your body.


Sandalwood Facial Treatment
  • We use branded facial cream products for this facial treatment, which is suitable for oily skin types as sandalwood mask will lower down your sebum production.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,700.00
Bio Fruit Facial Treatment
  • For Bio Fruit Facial:
    We use raw milk to cleanse your face. For Scrub, it uses rice particles mixed with milk and honey to exfoliate your keratinized cells from the face.
  • For Face Massage:
    We use honey and lemon, as honey is humectants which works as a moisturizer, and lemon is an acidic containing vitamin C. Combination with face massage, it will make your skin hydrated, resulting glowing skin. For mask we use almond, milk, Aloe Vera and honey for all skin type. Lastly we use thin cucumber slices on your face as a toner, which will hydrate and soothe your face. In the long run, it keeps you wrinkle free.

  • Note: We use CIDESCO based facial treatment techniques, which is recognized as world's prestigious award for Spa indusry.
    “Whatever you cannot eat, you cannot apply on your skin. as skin is also a living organ.”
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,700.00


Scalp Massage
  • We use our bare hand and fingers, applying olive oil on your scalp to relax your mind releasing stress and tensions.
    Recommended for dry and itchy scalp, expect healthy scalp
  1. 45 Mins .... Rs. 1,300.00
Head and Shoulder Massage
  • Head and shoulder massage will help you to release tension from your mind as well as from the trapezius muscles.

    Recommended for those who do lots of table work or use computer or laptops continuously for instant relief from stress.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,600.00
  • Shirodhara is a treatment that improves memory, nourishes hair, assist in sound sleep and calms body and mind. Continuous flow of sesame oil is one of the most effective treatments for reducing stress and nerves tensions for deeper relaxation of mind.

    Recommend for those suffering from insomnia, chronic headache, and premature graying hair and also helps to relieve fatigue, tension and anxiety.
  1. 30 / 45 Mins .... Rs. 2,500.00 / Rs. 3,000.00
Hair Spa
  • We use Vitamin E on scalp and olive oil to treat dry, damaged, and rough hair. After receiving one session you will get a difference for sure.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,450.00


Heritage Spa's Special Brown Sugar Body Polish
  • Edible brown sugar is applied on your body to exfoliate keratinized cells from your body leaving your skin smooth, glowing and shiny. This treatment is beneficial during summer.
  1. 45 Mins .... Rs. 1,700.00
Body Salt Glow
  • Sea salt is applied on your body to remove harsh keratinized cells deeply. But should be careful if you have any open wound as salt is acidic and it might be uncomfortable for that kind of skin.

    This deep exfoliation is beneficial for travelers, trekkers and hiker who returned from their eventual trekking.
  1. 45 Mins .... Rs. 1,700.00
Raw Coffee or Aloe Vera Body Scrub
  • Raw Coffee or Aloe Vera is applied to exfoliate dirt and keratinized cells from your body, which nourishes and softens your body.

    Aloe Vera body scrub is highly recommended for pigmented, or sun burned or sensitive skin.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,700.00
Traditional Steam Or Sauna Bath
  • Steam bath is detoxfying, which will open your skin pores and let your skin intake fresh air. That is why it’s recommended to have steam bath before any of the exfoliation to remove dust and dirt’s deeply from your skin. Those who is suffering from sinus, infected throat or suffering from cold gets benefitted with this treatment.
    (We use Eucalyptus essence oil for steam bath)

  • Sauna bath is dehydrating, as it is humid which will let you sweat, and remove toxins out from your body. It dehydrates your skin that is why it's highly recommended to drink plenty of water during this sauna session, frequently. If you are suffering from back pain or muscle ache or arthritis, it is recommended to body massage after sauna session will be beneficial for you.

    ALERT!! Those who have high or low blood pressure, they should take precautions before receiving it. Or atleast, consult with our Spa Consultant.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 850.00
Soothing Papaya or Aloe Vera Body Wrap
  • Papaya or Aloe Vera wrapping is highly beneficial for detoxify and cellulite reduction. Body wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 2,000.00
Red Clay Body Mask
  • Red clay (mud) helps to draw out impurities, heal wounds and clear rashes. Red clay mask is applied on your whole body detoxification and to remove toxins.

    This mask is beneficial for oily skin treatment.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 2,000.00
Balancing Ayurvedic Body Massage
  • Ayurvedic body massage is a type of a treatment which will help you to restore the energy by balancing chakras of your body.

    In this treatment we use pure camphor oil through effleurage, thumb pressures, punching and palming to remove lactic acid or toxins from the body to make your muscle and joints flexible and smooth.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,800.00
European Swedish Body Massage
  • Swedish body massage is a type of relaxing massage using long strokes and palming to relax stiff muscles. Five strokes are performed in this massage and they are: effleurage, petrissage, vibration, friction and tapotment.

    These strokes will help you to increase blood circulation without increasing heart load.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,800.00
Deep Tissue Body Massage
  • Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on deeper layer of the muscle and connective tissue. It aims to release the chronic pattern of tension in the body through slow strokes using deep finger, elbow or knuckle pressure. This massage usually focuses on more specific areas and may cause some soreness during or right after the massage.

    This massage is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff neck, lower back tightness and sore shoulder. That is why deep tissue massage is beneficial for sporty personnels.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,800.00
Aroma Therapy
  • Aroma therapy is a healing treatment based on the use of pure essential oil for physical and emotional health and well being. All natural oil has a powerful therapeutic affect but can also relieve stress and anxiety, bring balance and harmony and delight the senses.

    This type of massage will help to increase metabolism, improve circulation and relieve mental and physical tiredness through its essence and corrective massage technique.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,800.00
Massage for Trekkers / Hikers
  • Trekkers massage involves stretching and deep pressure points. Followed by camphor oil massage targets the neck, shoulder and back, healing stiff muscles which unlocks energy flow.

    Highly recommended for Pre or Post trekking events. This package designed especially for trekkers, for the sake of their body energy.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 2,100.00
Dry Thai Massage
  • Thai massage is also known as dry massage that works on the major energy lines. Applied using thumb press and palming. It helps to loosen blockages with which human body can recoup any deficiencies on the energy lines.

    By massaging on the pressure points, thai massage helps to relieve from muscle tensions, and stress caused.

    It is recommended to go for weekly sessions, which gives mobility to your joint through smooth and careful stretching by our therapist.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 2,200.00
Basalt Hot Stone Therapy
  • We use river basalt stone as black stone is rich in iron and retains heat. Stone therapy is one of the most relaxing and comforting treatment that eases muscle tension to a deep level through the use of heat and pressure. The heat of stones allows the muscles to relax two times quicker that other massage. It is suitable for those who have cold feet or suitable for those who have muscle tension but prefer light massage. This treatment is benefitted by those having back pain, arthritis, insomnia and so on.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 2,100.00
Foot Reflexology
  • Foot reflexology is a treatment that involves the application of the gentle pressure to reflex point located on all of the surfaces of feet. These points relate to all of the organs, glands, and bodily parts. This treatment balances blood pressure, boost immune system, it aids digestion and elimination.
  1. 60 Mins .... Rs. 1,700.00


Spa Manicure
  • We will cut and file your nail first afterwards followed by brush and scrub to clean and exfoliate keratinized cells. Lastly we will cut and clean your cuticles if necessary and end up manicure session with hand massage which will leave your hand smooth and soft.
  • Note: Spa Manicure is needed twice or once in a month to prevent from nail disorder and diseases.
  1. 45 Mins .... Rs. 1,000.00
Manicure On The Go
  • Manicure on the go includes cutting, shaping, filing and buffing of the nail.
  1. 25 Mins .... Rs. 600.00
Spa Pedicure
  • We will clean your feet with the brush and pumice stone followed by scrub to leave your feet soft and smooth. After wards we will do nail cutting, filing and cuticle cutting. Lastly we end up pedicure with foot massage.
  • Note: Spa Pedicure is needed twice or once in a month to prevent from nail disorder and diseases.
  1. 45 Mins .... Rs. 1,300.00


Half Leg Wax
  • We do Sugar warm wax using disposable paper stripes for hair removal as it is more natural and is beneficial for all skin type. Lastly complete waxing session with 2-3 minutes of massage with lotion.
  1. 30 Mins .... Rs. 600.00 | (For Men: Rs. 700.00)
Full Leg Wax
  • We do Sugar warm wax using disposable paper stripes for hair removal as it is more natural and is beneficial for all skin type. Lastly complete waxing session with 2-3 minutes of massage with lotion.
  1. 45 Mins .... Rs. 900.00
Under Arms
  1. 30 Mins .... Rs. 450.00
Hands and Arms (45 mins)
  1. 45 Mins .... Rs. 800.00
Bikini (50 mins)
  1. 50 Mins .... Rs. 1,000 ++
Whole Body (90 mins)
  1. 90 Mins .... Rs. 3,100.00
Threading (Upper Lips)
  1. Rs. 100.00
Threading (Eyebrow Shaping)
  1. Rs. 100.00
Hair Cut
  1. Rs. 600.00


Half Leg Waxing for Men
  1. 30 Mins ....Rs. 700.00
Full Leg Waxing for Men
  1. 60 Mins ....Rs. 1000.00
Underarms Waxing for Men
  1. 60 Mins ....Rs. 550.00
Hands & Arms Waxing for Men
  1. 60 Mins ....Rs. 1000.00
Chest & Back Area Waxing for Men
  1. For Chest: Rs. 1,300++
  2. FOr Back: Rs. 1,200++