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We are one of the most recommended day spa in the city for Ayurvedic Body Massage, Bio-Fruit Facial, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Thai massage.

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Underarms waxing, half arm waxing, leg waxing, bikini & full body waxing.

waxing for women by heritage spa

Looking for waxing services in Kathmandu?

We provide a variety of waxing services such as underarm waxing (armpit waxing), half arm waxing, leg waxing, bikini waxing and full body waxing.
Expect utmost priority to hygiene, service and privacy, served by skilled therapist.

Waxing (Hair Removal) Package
Body Scrub / Exfoliation

Starts with, scrubbing prior to any type of waxing is a great idea to help prevent an ingrown hair.

Raw Coffee or Fresh Aloe Vera is applied to exfoliate dirt and keratinized cells from your body, which nourishes and softens your body - therefore the body scrub is highly recommended

2 types of wax that we prefer:

(1) Standard Warm Wax - inexpensive, the best for hair removal (most hair removed, fastest to work with, safe for all skin types)

(2) Hot wax - less pliable and more brittle than warm waxes. (for Brazilian waxing and underarm waxing only). No strips are used.


- Skin inflammation
- Recent Scar
- Hair Moles
- Cuts, bruises, abrasions
- Varicose vein
- Skin tag
- Condition such as ring worms

After care / Precautions

After waxing, please avoid;
- using deodrants or anti-perspirants products for 12hrs., - bath with hot/warm water,
- wear perfume
- sun tan
- tight clothings immediately after waxing.
.. to prevent skin irritation.

Waxing Price Nepal
Cost Price: NRs. 3200*(NETT)

(*) For full body waxing using Standard Warm Wax
For Hot Wax, please call and discuss the price with our receptionist.

For Bookings: Call 01-4964484 or 9849024360 or Use this online form.
Advanced Booking is mandatory.
Opening hours: 9:00am till 8:00pm (weekdays and on weekends)
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Can I buy a gift certificated for my friend or beloved ones?

Yes, You can . Even if you are abroad, you can buy our Gift Certificates online, using your PayPal or Debit/Credit Card or Money transfers. We will deliver your gift within a day or two. For this please write us at info@heritagespa.com.np . We will respond you immediately.


Pre-Consultation is available or if you have any contra -indication or under medicated. Kindly mention before any services