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“Brand New Stress Relieving idea for your well-being.”

Say yes to the power of 'Deep Tissue Massage', and a combination of 'Foot Reflexology', and' Indian Head Massage'.

“Why to receive Deep Tissue Massage?”

Deep tissue massage works onto fascia (a layer of fibrous tissue) which will help you to relieve from pain or muscle soreness. Deep tissue massage is a deeply pressing massage and not a hard massage. Our Therapist will perform using knuckles, forearms, elbow etc. to locate your stressed muscle. Expect relief after applying correct techniques and using camphor oil..

“The combination of 'Indian Head Massage' and ' Foot Reflexology'”

Generally, stress hovers around head and neck area. And when stress is not controlled it spreads around the whole body, making you feel uncomfortable. And your body demands rest or relaxation.

“This Package is for you.”

Foot massage is started from your left leg to circulate pure blood in your body. Our feet has different reflex points. Pressing correctly at these points will help you feel deep relaxation. Whereas Head Massage will help you to release mental stress. For Scalp, oil is optional.

“Can I buy a gift certificated for my friend or beloved ones?”

Yes, You can . Even if you are abroad, you can buy our Gift Certificates online, using your PayPal or Debit/Credit Card or Money transfers. We will deliver your gift within a day or two. For this please write us at . We will respond you immediately.

Total :

Cost Price : Rs. 3000.00

Bookings : Advanced booking required
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“Note: ”

Pre-Consultation is available or if you have any contra -indication or under medicated. Kindly mention before any services